Large Fan Wall Pieces
    These wall pieces measure 29"H x 46"W  $2,300.
    They are constructed of  Raku-fired ceramic tiles, mounted on a
    wooden substrate.
    The "ribs" of the fan are made of wood,  painted a  glossy black.
    Gold leaf accents add to the richness of  the piece, creating touches of luster.

    1. Large Fan With White Orchids-SOLD-Orders taken

    2. Large Fan With Red Orchids

    3. Large Fan With Dragon

    4. Large Fan With Walleye-SOLD, orders taken

    Small Fan Wall Pieces
    These wall pieces measure 17" H x 26.5" W.   $850.
    We have also created fan wall pieces that are more appropriate for a
    smaller display area.

    5. Small Fan With White Orchid-SOLD-Orders taken

    6. Small Fan With Rose of Sharon-SOLD-Orders taken

    7. Small Fan With Stargazer Lily

    8. Small Fan With Iris

    9. Small Fan With Filefish

    10. Small Fan With Salmon


    -Paddlebox Teapots-
    Measure 8.5"H x 13"W x 6"D  $580.

    1. Paddlebox Teapot With Beetle, Amber

    2. Paddlebox Teapot With Beetle, Purple

    3. Paddlebox Teapot With Butterfly, Blue

    -Square Teapots-
    Measure 6" x 6" x 3"  $580.

    Square Teapot With Iris

    Square Teapot With Red Pansies- SOLD-Orders taken

    Undulating Vessel With Iris
    Measure 14”x9”x4”  $860.

    -Memory Boxes-
    These pieces may also be used as cremation urns
    Measure 12”x9”x6”  $510.

    Memory Box With Beetle, amber or purple

    Memory Box With Swallowtail Butterfly - amber


    The pieces on this page are examples of some of our current work.
    Some of these pieces are available now, and all of them can be made to order.
    Please click on the images to see a larger view.
    If there is a piece you are interested in, you may contact us by email , to complete the
    We take payment by personal check or by credit card.