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Drum-Shaped Teapot with Fish
This teapot measures  15" high. The
lid is embellished with swirling
beetles marches around the top, with
hungry Groupers looking on.
Bottle-Necked Teapot with Orchids
This teapot is approximately 15" in
The body of the pot features
beautifully patterned orchids. The lid
is adorned with a sculpted butterfly.
In the Garden Teapot with Orchids
This piece has a very unique, ovoid
shape. It was thrown on the wheel
and then, altered. The body of the
piece is adorned with scarlet orchids.
A Swallowtail butterfly stops by for
a sip of nectar. On the reverse, a
Hercules Beetle takes a stroll.
This teapot measures 16" high.
Square Teapot with Pansies
This teapot is also available with
many other flowers, including Iris,
sunflowers, orchids,..Perhaps your
favorite flower as well. It couldn't
hurt to ask!
This piece measures 6" in height and
is, by far, my most popular teapot.
Waterlily Tea
This piece measures 14" in height. It
is, like all of our collaborative work,
Raku fired.
Paddlebox teapot with Niche
This teapot is also one of our very
popular designs.
The niche may contain a beetle,
butterfly, or fish. Body colors
available are blue(as shown), purple,
green and amber.
We can create a special piece just for
you. Just contact us with your
thoughts and leave the rest to us.