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    These "Bells" represent an exciting new direction for us. The forms and surfaces are inspired by
    ancient Asian bronze bells. They are intended to be entirely sculptural and serve as meditation
    pieces,  evoking feelings of calmness and serenity.
    The surfaces of the Bells are rich, full of color and subtle transitions of luminosity. The texture is
    soft and waxy....inviting the viewer's touch.
    Please click on the thumbnails for a larger image of the individual pieces. All sizes are approximate
    as each  piece is individually handcrafted.

    The picture above shows an array of "Small Bells". There
    are various options available in the shape of the handle
    and the color and character of the decorative elements in
    the center of the piece.
    These pieces measure 9"x7"x3" and sell for $180. each.

    "Bell with Niche"- This piece features a gold-leafed
    niche, inset with a scarab beetle.  The scarab beetle
    is an ancient symbol of everlasting life.  
    This piece measures  19"x9"x5" and sells for $530.

    "Bell with Swirl, V-top"- This piece has a central swirl,
    adorned with copper leaf. The V-shaped handle
    moves the eye upward and resembles arms, lifted in
    This piece measures 19"x9"x5" and sells for $410.

    "Bell, High-Low Swirl(Bar Top)"-  This piece features a
    gilded bas-relief swirl at its center. The finial is a strong,
    masculine bar shape; grounding the piece to the Earth.
    This piece measures 18"x9"x5" and sells for $410.

    "Bell, Yin-Yang, Rivet Top"- This piece is adorned with a
    copper-leafed yin-yang symbol at its center and a
    stirrup-shaped finial, adorned with glittering "rivets".
    The rivets create a lively staccato; creating a pleasant
    feast for the eyes.
    The piece measures 19"x9"x6" and sells  for  $410.

    These two pieces feature two versions of the "Rope" finial  option.  
    The piece on the left is the "Rope Circle".
    The piece on the right, the "Rope Top". These two options are
    available on any of the pieces pictured above.